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Membership FAQs

Best Advisor Service

How do I become listed as a Best Advisor?

  1. Conduct a confidential client survey through Spectrem Group.  Your client information will be subject to a confidentiality agreement.  Their information will not be shared with anyone.  You will receive a comprehensive report of the findings and results and the results will be posted on Best Advisor.  Results can be posted on your site as well.  You will receive a Client Centric Advisor rating for conducting the survey.  Click here to purchase the survey with a video (see below) or click here to purchase the survey only.  Once the survey is purchased, one of our staff members will contact you to start the process. 
  2. Your clients may randomly be interviewed through monthly research conducted by Spectrem Group, however, the likelihood is not high nor can it guarantee that all of your clients will be included.

Why do I want to be listed? 

  1. Investors are increasingly looking online for information to validate referrals they may have received about advisors. Third party rating services are common in many industries from doctors to contractors to restaurants. If investors see that you are not included on the site, they may presume it is because you fear poor ratings. 
  2. Best Financial Advisors controls the environment. While an advisor cannot control what a customer says, Best Advisor allows only an advisor's actual customers to supply ratings and commentary, unlike non-controlled environments, where anyone can post a comment. 

*Research conducted by Spectrem Group, July 2014

What is included with my listing? 

  1. Listing of ratings on Best Advisor, along with our "Client Centric Badge" (only for those that have conducted the full client survey).  
  2. An advertisement placed on our website, as well as a rotating "Featured Advisor" highlight spot on the left hand side of our site.).  

  3. 3
    .   VIDEO - Best Advisor will create a 2-3 minute customized video to distinguish yourself from your competition via it's parent company, Spectrem Group.  This video can be used how you see fit, but will be included on your advertisement page and Featured Advisor ad.  Click here to order an advertisement with video and full survey.


How much does it cost? 

The confidential client survey costs $500.  A full page advertisement with video and survey costs $1200 plus video creation travel expense fees. 

To become a Client Centric Advisor today, please contact Eric McDonald at 224.544.5329 or