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Advisor Services

Join Our Best Financial Advisors Service

Based on Spectrem's ongoing research with wealthy investors, Spectrem Group has collected ratings on more than 1200 advisors from its monthly research with wealthy investors. None of the financial advisors initially included in the service had requested these satisfaction ratings, nor did they have any control over the results. Therefore, none of the ratings violated the former restrictions regarding testimonials. But a recent SEC release has changed that... 

NOW INVESTORS CAN REVIEW ADVISOR RATINGS AND COMMENTARY FROM THEIR CUSTOMERS ON A THIRD PARTY SITE!! The SEC recently issued IM Guidance Update No. 2014-4 which allows independent third party social media sites, such as Millionaire Corner, to publish client testimonials and ratings about an investment advisor or IAR on the third party site and enables advisors to link those ratings to their own site.  

What are the restrictions included in the IM Guidance Update? 

Restrictions include the following: 

  • Advisors still cannot solicit testimonials or client ratings on their own, nor can they post comments they have obtained on their own website or in an advertisement. Advisors can link their website to an independent third party website that has ratings or comments about that advisor.
  • The advisor cannot have any control over the comments that are posted on the third party site.

Why should I be listed on Best Financial Advisors? 

  • Investors are increasingly looking online for information to validate referrals they may have received about advisors. Third party rating services are common in many industries from doctors to contractors to restaurants. If investors see that you are not included on the site, they may presume it is because you fear poor ratings. 
  • Best Financial Advisors controls the environment. While an advisor cannot control what a customer says, Millionaire Corner allows only an advisor's actual customers to supply ratings and commentary, unlike non-controlled environments, where anyone can post a comment. 

How do I get a listing on Best Financial Advisors? 

There are two ways to receive a listing on Best Financial Advisors: 

1. Your clients may randomly be interviewed through Spectrem's monthly research, but this is not frequent nor can it be facilitated.

2. You can ask Millionaire Corner to conduct a client survey. The cost is $500. You will receive a comprehensive report of the findings and the results will be posted on the site. You will also be designated a Client Centric advisor and you can put the badge on your own site. You can link your site to Millionaire Corner or you can copy the results and put them on your own site, as long as you clearly designate where the comments are from. Contact Eric McDonald at 224.544.5329 or emcdonald@millionairecorner.com to purchase your survey today.

What does the $500 include? 

For $500 a client survey will be conducted. The actual survey will include more questions than the ones currently included on the site. You will receive the results from the survey and a portion of the survey results will be listed on Best Financial Advisors. Additionally, the purchase of a client survey by an advisor will include a link to a full page advertisement to be placed on our website, as well as a rotating "Featured Advisor" highlight spot on the left hand side of our site. Because the advertisement is separate from the ratings and the ratings are not included within the ad, it is allowed under the new social media guidance. The advertisement can also include a video (described below). 


Millionaire Corner can assist you in making a customized video. The video will allow you to distinguish yourself from your peers regarding how you work with your clients. Once finished, these videos can be used in the manner in which you see fit. Videos will be included on your advertisement page, as well as your "Featured Advisor" ad. The video can be placed on your own webpage or in advertisements. The cost of an advertisement that includes a video and a survey is $1200 plus video creation (i.e.travel) expenses.

Additional Opportunities

Ask an Advisor and Advisor Commentary

Millionaire Corner has an Ask an Advisor column which helps investors find answers to their financial questions and connect with financial professionals. Ask an Advisor will help generate credibility for your practice, increase your visibility on the internet, and authenticate knowledge with existing clients. We also seek out ongoing video commentary regarding various types of expertise as well as market commentary. As a Client Centric Advisor, we will contact you on a regular basis to provide commentary and answer questions.

How do I access the services? 

For more information or to become a Client Centric advisor today please contact Eric McDonald at 224.544.5329 or emcdonald@millionairecorner.com


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