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Vermont is for Exercisers, Study Finds

Vermont ranks atop the list of states in which adults are most likely to report exercising three or more days a week for at least a half hour.

| BY Donald Liebenson

Vermont’s tourism bureau might want to expand the reach of their beloved slogan, “Vermont is for Lovers.” A new Gallop poll finds that the Green Mountain State is tops in the United States for frequent exercise.

Vermont ranks atop the list of states in which adults are most likely to report exercising three or more days a week for at least a half hour. Vermont is followed by Hawaii, Montana, Alaska and Colorado. These states, along with New Mexico, which ranks eighth on the list, have ranked among the top 10 states for frequent exercise every year since Gallup began tracking Americans exercise habits in 2008.

What differentiates states when it comes to frequent exercise? Among the primary factors are the age of the population. This is not always an accurate indicator. The average age of Vermonters (Vermontonians?) is 41.5, according to the Census Bureau, while the average age of those who live in South Carolina, which ranks as the state whose residents are least likely to report they exercise frequently, is 37.9.

Other factors include the availability of outdoor activities and what Gallup calls “state-specific cultural factors that help determine the most popular recreational or leisure time activities.” In addition, many jobs require strenuous physical activity, and state-by-state differences in the type of work residents do could also affect the results.

Rounding out the top 10 states for frequent exercise are:



New Mexico


North Dakota

Following South Carolina as the states whose residents are least likely to get frequent exercise are:


New York


Rhode Island

New Jersey


West Virginia


The national average of regular exercise decreased slightly from 52.7 percent in 2012 to 51.6 percent in 2013, Gallup observed. But weather may have been a factor. Last year was the coldest and wettest on record since 2009, while 2012 was the warmest on record.

Vermont, too, is for lovers of vegetables. The state is No. 1 for produce consumption with nearly seven-in-ten Vermont respondents reporting they ate five or more servings of vegetables four or more days per week. Vermont was followed by:




New Mexico






Oklahoma is the state ranked worst for frequent vegetable consumption.

Exercise is a priority among affluent Americans, a recent Spectrem’s Millionaire Corner survey found. Thirty-five percent reported exercising four to six days a week, while 34 percent said they exercise up to three days a week. The highest percentage of these (35 percent) said they go outside to exercise, while 32 percent workout in the home and 25 percent in a gym.

Health and fitness topped the list of Affluent Americans’ New Year’s resolutions. Nearly half (46 percent) said they resolved to lose weight, while 35 percent vowed to eat better. One-third said they would endeavor to work out more. This was a higher percentage than those who resolved to save more money.

About the Author

Donald Liebenson


Donald Liebenson writes news and features for Millionaire Corner. He has been published in the Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Los Angeles Times, Fiscal Times, Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, and other outlets. He has also served as a marketing writer for Chicago-based Questar Entertainment and distributor Baker & Taylor.  

A graduate of the University of Southern California, he is married with a college-age son. He also writes extensively about entertainment.