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U.S. Millionaire Count Reaches 9 Million: Study, Market Watch - March 15, 2013


The stock market’s continuing rebound has been boosting the number of American millionaires, according to a report by Spectrem Group, a Chicago based research firm.

The study found that at the end of 2012, the number of American households with at least $1 million, excluding their primary residence, was 8.99 million, up nearly 400,000 for the year. The number of U.S. millionaire households bottomed in 2008 at 6.7 million.

The rebound hasn’t been evenly divided, however.

“As a group, wealthy investors with $500,000 up to $1 million showed the greatest reluctance to rely on stocks in recent years and held more of their assets in cash instruments longer than other wealth segments,” George H. Walper Jr.,  president of Spectrem Group, said in a release.  “As a result, that category of investors has the farthest yet to go before reaching its pre-recession total, even compared to those with $100,000 up to $500,000 in net worth. “

Here’s a look at the breakdown of wealth segments from Spectrem and how they’ve fared since the height of the financial crisis.

Net worth
(excluding primary residence )



$25 million



$5 million


1.14 million

$1 million

6.7 million

8.99 million


11.3 million

14.3 million


31.2 million

37.4 million

Source: Spectrem Group