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Srbo Radisavljevic
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State: IL

At Edge, a low client to advisor ratio allows for personal and customized service for each individual.  Our goal is to work as a team for each client to provide not only portfolio management but wealth coordination and financial planning.  We make every effort to have frequent communication with our clients and to provide timely response to calls and emails.  I also enjoy spending time with my wife and three kids, following Chicago sports, enjoying ethnic cooking, and serving as a school board member for Norridge School District 80.

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News Analysis for the Investor on March 31, 2014

More ills on deadline day, Frozen melts box office records and diet soda warnings top our roundup of the day's top business news stories. Crashes on Final Enrollment Day

The online page for enrolling in Obamacare crashed early on Monday, according to CNBC. Today is the last day to sigh up for private health insurance in the new online markets created by the healthcare law.  The Department of Health and Human Services indicates that the technology team is working to bring the site back up as quickly as possible. Allegedly, the site was to begin working again at 8am ET. Consumers can also complete an application by calling the toll free number. The government will also accept paper applications until April 7th. The administrationclaims that as of last week, 6 million people had applied for insurance.

Eurozone Inflation Slows to 5-Year Low

Inflation in the eurozone slowed to 0.5 percent in March, increasing fears that the currency bloc is drifting towards a damaging period of falling prices. The Financial Times reports that the low number puts pressure on the European Central Bank to stave off the threat of deflation. The ECB has a target inflation rate of 2 percent and hopes to keep inflation at that rate until the end of 2016. A period of deflation would stall the recovery because businesses and consumers would hold off on purchases waiting for prices to fall. It is anticipated that the ECB will lower the interest rate at its meeting on Thursday as a small measure to combat deflation. Greater quantitative easing has been discussed but is unlikely to be unveiled this week.

Greece Clears the Way for Bailout

The Greek Parliament voted narrowly to back a controversial package of economic changes that clears the way for the release of further funding from the European Union, ECB and IMF. The New York Times reports that Greece will receive up to $13.8 billion to pay down its bonds.  Greece has already received 240 billion euros in loans in exchange for tax increases, cuts to salaries and pensions and changing living standards. Greece suffers record unemployment of 28 percent. The new legislation will distribute 527 million euros to low income Greeks. Public opposition to the changes remains strong; however, the protests have become more peaceful than in the past.

Healthcare Spending Growth Hits 10-Year High

According to USA Today, health care spending rose at the fastest pace in 10 years last quarter, a development that could lead to higher costs for consumers this year. Expenses for healthcare rose at a 5.6 percent annual rate in the fourth quarter as reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Driving the increase was an $8 billion rise in hospital revenue. The recovering economy and the fact that more people will be using their insurance leads experts to believe that people may now be undergoing procedures that they may have held off on in the past. Some experts believe that health spending will increase 6.1 percent this year up from 4 percent in 2013.

Diet Sodas Linked with Heart Disease and Death

CNBC is reporting that a new study, published on Saturday, found that women who drank two or more diet drinks a day were 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack or other cardiovascular event, and 50 percent more likely to die than women who rarely touch the drinks. The study does not, however, suggest that the drinks are killers. Instead, it infers that the women who drink diet sodas may be trying to make up for too many other unhealthy habits. The study looked at 60,000 middle-aged women taking part in a decade long study. After nine years, the researchers found that 8.5 percent of the women who drank two or more diet drinks daily have some sort of heart disease, compared to 6.8 percent of those who drank four or fewer drinks a week and 7.2 percent who drank just a couple each month. The women who drank the most drinks were also more likely to smoke, be overweight, to have diabetes and to have high blood pressure.

Frozen Tops Toy Story 3 as Biggest Animated Box Office Hit

 CNBC says that Frozen, this year's Academy Award-winner for Best Animated Film, sold $398.4 million of tickets at domestic theaters since opening on November 27. Foreign box offices have added another $674 million for a global total of $1.072 billion. Frozen, inspired by the Snow Queen fairytale, is the story of a Scandinavian princess who must reconnect with her sister. The previous animated box office champion was Toy Story 3 which brought in $1.068 billion in sales. Both films were distributed by Walt Disney. Frozen has also now become the 10th-largest grossing film in cinema history.