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State: TX

I have 20+ years of handling alternative investments in cash, growth and income for clients nationwide.  I strive to help my clients with all things financial in every way possible over the phone and the web.  I own an alpaca farm which I enjoy working during my downtime.  I also enjoy gardening, writing and reading books.  I also train other advisors on Prosperity Economics.

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Heather's Couture Corner: Best Lady-like Handbags for Fall 2013

| BY Heather Kiely

The other day, my friend Lacy stopped by because I wanted to get her opinion of a new handbag I purchased (specifically, the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour in navy... so well crafted!!!). Lacy is an honest friend and would tell me if I should keep it or return it... So, she came over and told me, “It looks like all your other bags!" Well, then!!!

In disbelief, I took out all of my handbags and had a good look at them… she was right! I only buy lady-like, top handled (sometimes chained if it’s Chanel), structured bags!! Ya know, you learn something about yourself everyday :) Lucky me, I was looking at trends on my favorite websites and saw that lady-like bags are THE handbag trend for Fall!! Perfect! I am in style without even trying :) So, I returned the bag that supposedly looked like all my others, but decided to share with you some of my favorite lady-like bags for the season. Enjoy!!

Chanel Grande Shopping Tote Black with Gold Hardware
The Chanel Grande Shopping Tote in Black with the Gold Hardware is a classic that you will have forever. The caviar leather is very durable and structured. The leather has quilted print throughout, with the iconic embroidered CC's in the middle.

My favorite feature of the bag is the back pocket!! The pocket is perfect for putting in letters you need to mail, your phone for easy access, or much needed on-hand breath mints :) Whatever you desire, the Chanel Grande Shopping Tote delivers. The Chanel Grande Shopping tote is available in black, tan, orange, blue, red, and white for $2900.

Louis Vuitton Alma PM in Fuchsia Patent Leather
Happy Valentine’s Day to me last year! I love my Patent Leather Louis Vuitton Alma!!!! It is super luxurious and simply gorgeous! The monogramed patent leather shows off the signature LV's and the smooth top handles are easy to hold. The interior is a lightweight, fuchsia canvas with a pocket for your cell phone and lip gloss. The LV Alma is available in two sizes Petit Modele (PM) and Grande Modele (GM). I have pictured the PM which is a good size for everyday accessorizing.

The GM is quite big and would be great for travel, or just to generally carry if oversized bags are more your style. The Alma is also available in several colors of patent leather, Epi leather, Monogramed canvas or Louis Vuitton’s classic Damier canvas. Whichever bag you fall in love with, they are all stunning and available at Louis Vuitton stores worldwide and for $2160-2900. 

Gucci Lady Lock Python Medium Top Handle Bag in Bordeaux
Want a little exotic in your life? Look no further than the Gucci Lady Lock in Bordeaux Python!! The Lady Lock bamboo handle is an iconic signature of Gucci dating back to 1947. According to Amanda Mull, a writer for, the bamboo handles first appeared when “World War II was still in its final stages and countries the world over were rationing resources. That was especially true in Europe, where artisans at Gucci were being pressured to find materials that weren’t subject to restriction to use in their designs. Bamboo cane could still be imported from Japan, and Gucci craftsman developed a patented method to heat and bend the bamboo in such a way that it would retain its shape once cooled and affixed to a handbag. The bamboo handles were so interesting and distinctive that the bags became an instant hit, sticking around well past the end of the war to be carried by some of the biggest celebrities and tastemakers of the 1950's and 60's. Under current Gucci creative director, Frida Giannini, the iconic bamboo handles have been revived in a whole new way."

Source: Gucci

Another reason I love this python bag is the perfect elegant structure that reminds me of the "I Love Lucy" days. I feel every girl should have a perfectly structured bag in her collection! :) If you are not partial to the python, you can also purchase the Gucci Lady Lock in a wine or blue leather via The Python is $3200, and the leather is $2590.

Fendi 2Jours Saffiano Medium Tote
Ahhh!! If I had an extra $2200, I would die to buy the Fendi 2Jours!!!! Monogrammed of course ;) The Fendi Label has definitely gotten a makeover! The new bags and shoes are delicious and tempting in every way!


I first saw the bag on the arm of my friend Cathy, who was gifted the orange handbag last year for Chistmas. Initially, she mistakenly thought her new accessory was a Prada... not realizing her husband had just bought her the hottest bag of the season! Don't worry, I clued her in. Lucky lady! ;) I kept a lookout which celebrities were carrying the new Fendi, and saw everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Sarah Jessica Parker sporting this beauty. I love the two different kinds of leather on the bag; the front features a hard, Saffiano-type leather, while the sides are soft, Vitello, pebbled leather. The interior is absolutely stunning with suede trim and signature stripe Fendi lining. My FAVORITE part of the Fendi 2Jours is the monogramed tag that hangs down!!!! But then, I put monograms on everything from towels to pillows to bags :) The Fendi 2Jours is available at Nieman Marcus, Saks, and Barney's for $2200.00, but the monogramming is FREE!!

I may never stop buying super structured or top handled bags,  and all my bags might look alike.... but  I can rest easy knowing that I will always have a handbag in my closet that's ready to take to a  luncheon, dinner party, or just to look lady-like at the local farmer's market! To see more fabulous handbags, check out the great pics I have up on my Pinterest page!! From Millionaire Corner, I'm Heather Kiely reminding you to keep your investments where you can see them - in your closet, of course!!!