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Heather's Fashion Blog - 2013 Fall Favorites

| BY Heather Kiely

Here in the beautiful Midwest the summer heat (which I was so hopeful would stay a bit longer) was gone in a flash. I was out walking the pups this morning and pulled out the old Uggs and puffer vest!!! Really, it felt like 50 degrees!!! So, here we go again and we might as well look super fashionable staying warm. All my favorite stores and websites have had their fall fashion lines out since JULY, so I have had plenty of time to pick out my top fall must haves. Below, are my favorites that I am going to share with you!! Please click on my Pinterest page to see all these fab finds! Or follow me on Pinterest under Millionaire Corner Fashion Pics.

Leather Leggings
Ok, so leather is BACK! Leather leggins are super in for fall/winter and look fabulous with a pair of great heels or leather heel boots. Now along with these fabulous leggins comes a steep price tag. Most real leather leggins range from $920-$1095.00. However, at Cusp and Express I found faux leather leggins that are super cute and look like leather that are affordable for this maybe just a 2013 phase..... faux leather leggins are $350 by Rag and Bone and Express are $69.90 at

The Swing Sweater
The swing sweater is very flattering. I was at JCrew when I found one in watermelon coral, and tried it on. I wasn't sure at first but after I put it on I loved it!! It's really tight in the arms and loose around the middle - kind of like a poncho with arms. Actually, that’s exactly what it is.... a poncho with arms. Now, I know Ponchos were so out last year but this year they added arms so it’s back and improved and very cute!!! Get one today at in navy, tan, jade, or amethyst for $88.00. Nordstrom also has a very nice swing sweater in browns and oranges by MICHAEL Michael Kors for $150.00. 

SAC DE JOUR Bag by Saint Laurent
So, I don't know if you heard the buzz about what is going on at YSL, now re-branded Saint Laurent, but they have a new creative director in charge. Hedi Slimane is LOVED by some and HATED by others. I really love what he has done and am very excited to buy the Sac De Jour structured bag he has designed for fall. Navy and Bordeaux is really in for autumn and also just classic colors that you can use forever. Some fashion bloggers are saying he has just copied Hermes's Birkin, but I feel that it is no more copied then the Prada structured saffiano garden bag or the Celine mini luggage. They are all beautiful bags that are structured and have the gold or silver brand stamp on the front. What is extra luxurious about the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour is the interior. Breathtaking!!! It is all real suede lined with lots of compartments, and a middle zip you can lock. The Sac De Jour can be purchased at for $2550.00 in the medium size that comes with a shoulder strap. Or for $2995.00 for the large travel tote. 

Prada Scrunch Loafer
So, I can't say enough good things about the Prada scrunch loafer. It is Sooo comfey!!! I bought my first pair just a little while ago at Neiman Marcus for $470.00. Now, if you are interested in getting a pair and are going to your nearby Neiman Marcus, Bergdorfs, or Barney's ---beware that the price jumps to $520.00. Several of the $520 pairs are the same colors they have online for $470.00 that have not been marked up yet. I told my salesman that I wanted them to price match the online price and he said “no problem.” Also, if you are in the Chicagoland area, the Outlet mall in Rosemont has a Prada. They have the loafers in a few colors and styles for $350.00. Here is why I paid full price.... I called the Prada Outlet store to ask if their products came from Oak Street or were made for the outlet.....the salesgirl said 50/50. AND, everything is final sale. I hate that, what if your new outlet shoe starts falling apart??? I would rather shop local where if there is a problem, the salesman who helped me will fix my problem and get me a new pair. All in all the decision is up to you but the conclusion is the same - you must get a comfy loafer for fall!

Mui Mui Smoking Flat
I first saw these beauties back in spring when they were done in a pink, green, or blue grosgrain material. I really thought they were something but didn't choke up the cash to get them. Then good old advertising pulled me back in. I was searching the web and came across pics of Miranda Kerr (the stunning 5'9 being 5'1 1/2 quit jealous) wearing ruby velvet Mui Mui smoking flats with a JEWEL heel!!! Classic!! I immediately started looking to see what stores carried them. After several misses I found them in ruby at Bergdorfs for $650.00. If you are interested in black, Bergdorfs, Neimans, and Barneys carry them. I also found the cutest poodle smoking flat at Bloomingdales by Isaac Mizrahi for a cool $130.00. I read reviews and they were reviewed as "a poodle lover must, super comfy." I just might be ordering these puppies today, while I save for the gorgeous Mui Mui. 

Kate Spade Color Block Cheetah Heel (Lottie Heels)
So, I think I shared with you that I am bite size, like the candy at Halloween) I love a heel that will raise me up a bit but never more then 3 1/2, 4 inches. This new craze of 5 1/2 inch heels is outrageous!!! I have an old Jimmy Choo pair of gorgeous shiny black leather heels I got in Beverley Hills as a gift. I never ever wear them because I can't walk.... So, back to my Kate Spade heels.... I have a few pairs of Kate Spade heels and they are made very well and are comfortable, which I think should be the most important aspect!!! These cute calf hair cheetah print ones are perfect with a pair of boot leg or flare jeans and a nice top or by themselves with a sweater dress and graphic tights!! Very comfy at a reasonable price of $328.00. Also, Kate Spade ALWAYS has sales. Call your local boutique and ask when they are doing their 25% friends and family sale, or sometimes they will have a weekend sale for 30% off an item. The sales associates at Kate Spade are always very helpful and perky, and love to see you happy. 

Statement Rings
Yurman… John Hardy… Yurman… John Hardy..... who do I love more?!?!

Big right hand candy is in and David Yurman and John Hardy have several new fresh gems to choose from. The ring that I have up on Millionaire Corner Fashion Pics Pinterest page is David Yurman's color cocktail ring in amethyst with diamonds. It also comes in Hematite (black), Topaz (london blue), and Prasiolite (light green). The rings range from $1600-$1750. John Hardy also has some drool worthy candy without diamonds for a more affordable price $950 for the Naga Batu blue Topaz. Naga means "dragon" and is the symbol of health and prosperity. The Naga ring also comes in purple amethyst. 

Gold Watch
I have always wanted a big gold watch, but stuck to my stainless steel diamond Michele instead. My wedding rings are platinum so I feel it goes well together but with all the hype about gold watches I am starting to get an itch. I love the gold Michele mini urban, but am not sure how long this trend is going to be around..... so I put on Millionaire Corner's Pinterest a Burberry gold metal band watch that my sister got. This watch looks super expensive and nice, but is $650.00. Michael Kors also makes a nice gold watch for $275 available at

I hope with this fresh autumn fashion you find yourself inspired to spend a little hard earned money on some of these trendy, but classic looks. I am hoping to get one or two myself ..... don't tell my husband!!!! I'm Heather Kiely thanks for stopping by Couture Corner and remember keep your investments where you can see them, in your closet of course!!!