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I have 20+ years of handling alternative investments in cash, growth and income for clients nationwide.  I strive to help my clients with all things financial in every way possible over the phone and the web.  I own an alpaca farm which I enjoy working during my downtime.  I also enjoy gardening, writing and reading books.  I also train other advisors on Prosperity Economics.

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Heather's Couture Corner - Winter Coats

| BY Heather Kiely

Coats are my favorite fashion buy, hands down!!! Ok, maybe, that is stretching the truth.... Handbags are my favorite, and then shoes are my second favorite, tied with coats!!! I think an amazing coat can make an outfit. I love spring coats over Sunday dresses. I love pulling out my Burberry trench when it rains, and even switching to a quilted Burberry jacket when the weather is starting to chill.

My all time favorite coat to buy is fur. The only good thing about Winter is that I get to bring out my collection of fur coats. From coyote - to fox - to the classic mink, I am thrilled when a bit of snow gives me the excuse to don a furry, cozy coat. Below, I pulled out some of my favorite coats from my closet for you and explained why I love each of them so much. I also found you the exact coats online if you are interested in purchasing them (or something very similar). Enjoy!!!

The Burberry Trench

The Burberry trench speaks for itself with its lush bold buttons, oversized hood, and pop of Burberry plaid on the collar. I love that you can just throw it on and tie it tight around your waist and go! There is no fuss. It does have the double breasted buttons if you like to button it up properly and then belt the belt, but most like to just tie and go!

The Burberry trench comes in different weights and styles. I have the lightweight Hooded Trench for rainy days and a bit of chill. It can be purchased at Saks for $750. However, if you are looking for a warmer trench, they come in a heavier cotton with a thicker lining, a wool version, and a cashmere version. I have a cashmere trench for the Winter that I got at JCrew that is lovely.

Source: JCrew

A Burberry cashmere coat can run you upwards of $1295-$2400, but my JCrew cashmere trench was only $350. So, whether you are looking to go as Inspector Gadget for Halloween, or you are just updating your wardrobe to add a coat that will never go out of style, the Burberry Trench will not do you wrong!!!

The Quilted Burberry Jacket
I remember back in college, everyone had a black quilted Burberry Jacket!!! I wanted one SOOOO bad! Back then.... (like ten years ago gulp!!) they were $425...... So, when I was on a family vacation in FL, we went to the Burberry outlet, and they had the quilted jackets for $299. I was in Heaven!!! I got a beige one (classic) and a turquoise one for fun!

Since then, I have collected several colors from magenta to mustard, and just recently, I got my coveted black when it went on sale at Bloomingdales. Bloomingdales is great for Burberry sales. They do friends and family 20% off Burberry plus sometimes do an extra 10% off for loyalists. It is a card you can sign up for that is free and gives you discounts through your email. What I love about the Burberry quilted jacket is the detailing of the quilts, the plaid lining, and that when you pop the collar and roll up the sleeves, the signature plaid shows!!!! You can pick up the magenta or black Burberry jacket I am wearing at for $495. Make sure to follow me on Twitter (@mcornerlfestyles) to find out about up coming Burberry sales!!!

The Sweater Coat
I am a huge fan of the sweater coat for its surprising warmth and effortless style. I have pictured a chunky grey one with jeweled details. I actually acquired it from my sister's throw out bin and saved its life!!!! 

This coat was originally from Victoria Secret and purchased several years ago, BUT I found this amazing oatmeal sweater coat for you at Macy's by Michael Kors. It is a long sleeve toggle front, and it is in a trendy poncho style.

Source: Saks

So with this coat, you have your classic sweater coat mixed with the current flowing poncho trend. My most favorite part of this sweater coat is the fact that you can MACHINE WASH IT!!!! I am so tired of constant trips to the dry cleaners to wash all of my sweaters!! Some sweaters become investments you're always paying for... like a dog or a child!!! If you love the Michael Kors Toggle Sweater, you can purchase it at for $175. 

A Touch of Fur...
I love my tuxedo rabbit and fox fur coat!!! It is the perfect coat to take you from day to night! The rabbit fur is really warm and looks great teamed with jeans and a sweater. The tuxedo  fox fur that funnels down the neck adds a touch of glam to the everyday coat :) And who doesn't need a little of glam in her life!?! In my opinion, fur is always on trend and a great investment that you can wear year-to-year. If you are purchasing your first fur, I recommend a coat that isn't too fancy. I think your first fur should be versatile, mid length, and a neutral color. If a full fur isn't your style, try a leather jacket with a fur collar! Still super cute, but not over the top! It will go great with everything :) 

In the picture above, I'm wearing a fur by CFan that I bought at a store in Chicago called Cityblue. Cityblue is located at 1444 N. Wells, Chicago IL. 

So, if you are looking for a new coat for Fall, whether it be the trench, a quilted Burberry, a heavy sweater coat, or your first (or second, or third) fur, I hope one of the styles I mentioned inspires you! From Millionaire Corner, I'm Heather Kiely reminding you to keep your investments where you can see them - in your closet, of course!!!!