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Heather's Couture Corner: Top 5 Chambray Shirts

| BY Heather Kiely

I am not really sure what brought the Chambray shirt back in style… but it is here, and it is BIG!! So big that JCrew has a whole wall dedicated to different styles of Chambray shirts in its stores!!! What’s the history behind this new - or maybe classic - fashion trend??? After a little online investigating, I’ve got the scoop on Chambray. 

According to, "The Chambray fabric is thought to originate from Cambrai in France many centuries ago as far back as 1595.  It differs from denim in that it is not a twill fabric; when it is woven - the warp and the weft of the fabric cross equally giving it a 1 x 1 fabric structure. This is known as a chambray structure. This is partly responsible for its lighter appearance as the weft, the lighter unbleached thread, appears on the surface of the fabric. Both sides of chambray are identical meaning it has no right or wrong side. Chambray has had a bit of a resurgence recently probably partly due to the increase of authentic naval trends in fashion. It was famously adopted by the US navy in 1901 right through to World War II. The uniform consisted of darker denim bottoms with lighter long or short sleeve chambray shirts with the addition of possibly a white tee. The shirt often had long sleeves which were often shortened or sometimes removed at the shoulder. The iconic nature of a chambray shirt was proliferated by the golden stars of the screen: Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Steve McQueen."

From the handsome James Dean, to the gorgeous Miranda Kerr and Kate Hudson, everywhere you look, celebrities are doing the Chambray shirt - and you should too!! To make it easy, I have put together a list of the top 5 Chambray shirts and where you can buy them! Enjoy :)

1. JCrew Keeper Chambray Shirt 
This top is perfect for days when you are running around and need something easy to throw on. The classic, effortless JCrew Chambray shirt will have you looking put-together in no time at all.

Source: JCrew

I own one myself, so I can attest to just how comfortable it is. The material is super soft and drapes nicely. I also like that the feminine cut of the shirt doesn’t make me look boxy – as some button downs are wont to do.

Ultimately, the JCrew Keeper Chambray is one of the most flattering shirts I own, and for that, it’s #1 on my list! Even better, the Keeper Chambray Shirt on sale now for $68.00 at 

2. Anthropologie Leopard Chambray Popover
If you follow my blog, then you know I LOVE animal print everything! So why not add a great animal print Chambray shirt??

Source: Anthropologie

I do not own this particular style, but it’s definitely a must buy in my book! Anthropologie is such an amazing store, and if you have never checked it out before, you should! If offers very different looks that are fashionable, but also eclectic. I like that when I buy an outfit at Anthropologie, I know I won’t see it on everyone else. For this reason and others, I put this Chambray must at #2 on my list. This Leopard Chambray Popover is a killer top that would look great with colored denim, black tight jeans, or tucked into your favorite casual skirt. Currently available at for $88.

3. Madewell Denim Boyshirt in Saltstone Wash
This shirt from Madewell is perfect if you want to add a little edge to your Chambray look! It has the comfort of a shirt you’ve pulled from a boyfriend/husband’s closet, but it’s fitted for you, of course! The devil is certainly in the details of this piece. With front pockets in two different shapes, and a contrasting button, this shirt creates a perfectly lived-in look that you might not notice, unless you pay attention. A faded wash makes this Chambray selection easy to wear year-round.

Source: Madewell

The Madewell Denim Boyshirt is on trend, paired with your favorite printed, ankle-length jeans and wedges in the spring, or dark skinnies and riding boots in the fall. What puts this shirt at #3 on my list is that it’s the classic Chambray look with a little twist. Even better, it is on-sale from, marked down to $69.50 from $88.

4. American Eagle Boyfriend Chambray Shirt
If you’re still not sure that the Chambray trend is for you, this shirt is a great way to test it out. I wanted to find an option for my readers who might want to try the chambray look without breaking the bank. So I scoured the web looking for a non-boxy, flattering, well-made Chambray shirt, and found the American Eagle Boyfriend Chambray Shirt. This top does not disappoint – it’s a great deal with stylish appeal :)

Source: American Eagle

What I love about American Eagle is that it takes trends that are on the runways and makes them affordable for everyone. The AE Boyfriend Chambray Shirt is very similar to the JCrew shirt I mentioned above, and comes in two different colored washes - light and medium. AND drumroll.... will have you looking hot for 29.99!!!! For this reason, I made American Eagle my #4 Chambray shirt selection. 

5. JCrew Chambray Shirt Dress
Love Chambray as much as I do? Why not show off your adventurous side, and try out a Chambray DRESS?? That's right! Grab your partner round and round, put on a pair of cowboy boots and strut your stuff!!

Source: JCrew

The JCrew Chambray Shirt Dress is a recent addition to my closet, and it’s the best! Just like JCrew’s Chambray shirt, the dress is very comfortable and flattering. The dress does run a bit large, so use caution if you plan to order it online. I went into the store planning to purchase a size 4, and left with a size 0!! If you do plan to order this cute little number online, purchase few sizes and return the ones that don’t fit. Whatever you do, don’t wait! I would grab this one fast because it is on sale, and there were only a few left at my JCrew location.

I style my Chambray Shirt Dress with scarves, a belt, and great cowboy boots, but would look just as cute with a pair of Tory Burch Reva's or any color riding boot. At #5 on my list, the JCrew Chambray dress is an awesomely versatile trend. Here is a crazy idea... buy the dress, then wear it as a shirt by tucking it into your favorite jeans or cords.... add a fun belt and wha-la!! Two outfits, one purchase!! Now, that's what I call a good investment :) The JCrew Chambray Shirt Dress is listed on sale online for $79.99, but be sure to keep an eye out for additional JCrew promotions. I got an extra 40% off mine on sale and grabbed it for 47.99!!!!!

I hope my top 5 countdown of the best Chambray shirts (and dresses) has inspired you to start shopping for a look that will keep you stylish this November. I love to inspire my readers to look their best and try new trends. From Millionaire Corner, I'm Heather Kiely reminding you to keep your investments where you can see them - in your closet, of course!!