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Asset Preservation Advisors


State: GA

APA’s philosophy is to work closely with our clients to develop an in-depth understanding of their unique needs and objectives. We then customize a municipal bond portfolio that best meets their specific goals and needs. APA manages high quality municipal bond portfolios in four strategies: Short-Term, Intermediate-Term, High Income, and Taxable.

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Taxes - Financial Planning

May 10, 2016


Spectrem research shows wealthy investors still hold on to core values of American life. Click here to read more 

March 29, 2016


 Deductions, exemptions and credits reduce your tax bite. Click here to read more 

January 21, 2016


The plummeting oil market is creating a fluctuating stock market that investors do not like. Click here to read more

January 21, 2016


Some golf courses take tax deductions for environmental protections, and the IRS is not sure they are appropriate. Click here to read more

January 19, 2016


About 2.9 million incidents of tax-related identity theft occurred in 2013, up from nearly 1.8 million in 2012. Click here to read more

January 14, 2016


Volatility in the new year has underscored Millionaires' concerns over market conditions. Click here to read more

December 22, 2015


What you need to know about deducting charitable contributions. Click here to read more 

December 17, 2015


How concerned are Affluent investors about the increase in interest rates? Click here to read more 

November 12, 2015


Apparently, most of the countries in the world allow corporations from other countries to hide assets. Click here to read more

October 27, 2015


China has been minting five billionaires a week in the past 12 months. Click here to read more

August 18, 2015


When it comes to managing and growing your wealth, it pays to have a deep bench. Click here to read more

July 20, 2015


Widows believe their spouses made good preparations for them and want to protect their assets. Divorcees generally feel they are “better off” without their husbands and want to grow their assets. Click here to read more