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December 19, 2014


 Where will the Dow close at the end of the year? Millionaires predict.... Click here to read more

December 19, 2014


A third of Baby Boomers and 37 percent of WWII investors use a Full Service Broker as their Primary Financial Advisor.  What about Gen Xers?  They are a little more diversified in the types of advisors they use for investment advice.

December 19, 2014


Car salespeople can rest easy; members of Congress rank lowest for perceived honesty and ethics.  Click here to read more

December 19, 2014


Who knows what will happen with The Interview? And will Uber return to Portland, Ore.? More news for December 19, 2014. Click here to read more

December 19, 2014


Advisor-less investors who think they are smarter than advisors are unlikely to change their mind on that topic. Click here to read more

December 19, 2014


Do college students pay to go to the semifinal games, the championship game or both? Click here to read more

December 18, 2014


Did you know that almost half of Millionaires discuss tax issues with their financial advisor?  Most of us think about discussing taxes with our accountant...but with our financial advisor?  Forty-four percent of Millionaires discuss the tax implications of investments with their advisor on a regular basis.  Why is this important?

December 18, 2014


Jobless claims drop again, the Federal Reserve promises no rate changes for a while, and Uber improves its passenger safety. Click here to read more

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