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January 27, 2015


Super Bowl snacking is a young person's game. Click here to read more

January 27, 2015


Did you know that eighty percent of wealthy investors that define themselves as “Self-Directed” think they can do a better job of investing than a professional advisor?

January 27, 2015


Russian spies charged in New York City, President Obama buddies up with India, durable goods sales drop. Click here to read more  

January 27, 2015


Prolonged sitting is dangerous, no matter how much exercise you get when not sitting. Click here to read more

January 27, 2015


Moving expenses for a new job and National Guard expenses are often ignored tax deductions. Click here to read more   

January 27, 2015


Following weeks of market volatility, how do Affluent investors intend to invest in the coming month? Click here to read more

January 26, 2015


 Getting that little blue box from Tiffany is a great surprise but Tiffany is expanding its offerings by creating amazing sunglasses and handbags!  Check them out today!

January 26, 2015


Millionaire investors seek a financial professional who ideally not only understands their own personal financial situation, but the overall challenges facing their age demographic. Click here to read more

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